Whether you are at pre-production stage or post- production, we brainstorm regarding every bits of your film thus coming up with an effective positioning, reach and engage target audience with creative promotional ideas.


We believe in increasing demand of your film by creating rich content that engages your audience more deeply and drives conversion


Being in the entertainment industry we have established a strong foothold with media professionals, journalists, bloggers , communities and organisation to get as wide reach as possible among the active social media users of - 2.31 billion.


Our experience in social media has helped us develop a methodology to understand what your viewers are thinking about you so we let you know what the e-fluentials are speaking about in real time

Why you need Us?

For movies and cast-crew social media is one of the most powerful ways to reach and engage with the Audience today. Because it is almost universally used—by audience and brands—social media is one of the most effective (and perhaps cost-effective) channels to connect with your audience and fans.

According to eMarketer, 67.4% of internet users worldwide will use a social network this year. Now, users expect to see their favorite movies and cast/crew on social media. And that’s why social media marketing plays a critical role in the success of every business

There are 2.31 billion people in the world who are active social media users and 1.97 billion who are active mobile social media users, according to We Are Social. So it’s a necessity now to engage with your audience

Engage With Audience Across Social Media

Use social media to learn about your audience. Acquire new fans, engage existing fans and build brand advocates by understanding who they are as individuals and how to engage them using polls, sweepstakes, referrals programs, and more.

Let Your Audience Get The Word Out

Build your brand’s social network by making it easy for Audience to share your content with their professional networks, friends, and family using built-in social media sharing buttons and shareable videos.

Personalize Your Social Ads

Increase your ROI with personalized social ads. With our Ad Bridge offering, you can connect your rich Audience behavioral data in the Audience Hub to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other ad platforms to create more personal messages based on customer interests, intent, overall engagement, and more.


In a highly competitive atmosphere, getting heard is a constant provocation for independent filmmakers. We offer creative solutions leveraging at best the power of the digital world.

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Even in the era of digitalization we can understand that miracles can happen over a cup of coffee than mailing over digital platforms. So we are always on a rush gathering data about all upcoming entertainment assignments. So feel free to get in touch with our team anytime to arrange a meeting .

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